Facility Maintenance Management

We position ourselves to become a partner that will not only deliver the required service, but will continuously seek to improve any business by enhancing their Competitiveness, Brand Image and Cost Reduction by outsourcing non-core business processes through efficient and effective facility management activities.


Our main objective is to increase the value of the client’s facilities and extend the life cycle of its assets.

Through our engineering approach, we strongly emphasize on preventive maintenance. We tailor our

Maintenance program to the specific needs of every asset, while maintain appropriate records through our Computerized Maintenance Management Software.


Our organization is designed to meet the clients’ requirements and focuses on the end user. We aim to increase our clients’ business focus by relieving the management from all non-core facility management tasks, i.e. procurement, staff recruitment and training, follow-up preventive and corrective calls, follow-up with sub-contractors.


Our service delivery plan combines the competencies of each individual into a single integrated team.

We will focus to provide the human resources necessary and monitor their proper integration to meet

the needs of the activity, the development of the organization, in compliance with budget constraints.