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Main Lebanon S.A.L is a Facility Maintenance & Maintenance Management company based in Achrafiyeh, Beirut. We abide by international standards for the industries we cater to, in order to provide our clients with the best value service possible.

At Main LB, end user satisfaction is what matters most to us. All properties that we manage will be subject to our engineering approach, insuring best-in-class services and customer satisfaction.

  • Facility Management

    We position ourselves to become a partner that will not only deliver the required service, but will continuously seek to improve any business by enhancing their Competitiveness, Brand Image and Cost Reduction by outsourcing non-core business processes through efficient and effective facility management activities.Our main objective is to increase the value of the client’s facilities and extend the life cycle of its assets.Through our engineering approach, we strongly emphasize on preventive maintenance. We tailor our Maintenance program to the specific needs of every asset, while maintain appropriate records through our Computerized Maintenance Management Software.


  • MEP Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

    Having a Maintenance contract for your facility is the only solution to decrease the downtime of equipment as well as increasing the asset life cycle. Implementing a rigorous preventive maintenance plan will not only pay off financially in the long run, it will also enhance the company brand. Along with preventive maintenance, Main LB clients are guaranteed round the clock corrective maintenance call, insuring full coverage for all kinds of emergencies.


  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services


    Consistent maintenance of the kitchen hood exhaust system in your restaurant remains one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. Grease will turn rock hard if it sits on the ducts too long. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is part of the law in most countries. It is highly recommended for any kitchen.

  • Fit-Out and Renovation Services

    At Main LB, we are renovation specialists; we take on any type of task, from retiling your bathroom to refurbishing your entire home or office. Nothing is beyond our capabilities and we relish the chance to make such a positive impact on the look of your home or office.